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Sunday, 6 September 2015

To new beginnings plus a little taster of GOUSTO.

Another day, another menu to think of! That's how it works for me. I don't consider cooking as a chore, but it is somewhat easier to have somebody set the menu for you. As nagging my other half in regards to what he wants to eat the next day doesn't always work.
What would be better than a set menu, than all the ingredients (measured out) already in your kitchen? As it so happens a voucher came through the post which entitled me to £25 off my first 'Gousto' box. Although i had never heard of it before, i knew what it entailed. I had seen other boxes such as the 'Hello Fresh' box. These are basically fresh organic ingredients delivered to your door according to your chosen menu. However they haven't always been the cheapest option so i had never opted for them.
£25 off did seem like a lot, so i flicked through the webpage and added a few things in my basket. After using the discount code it worked out to £9.99 plus free delivery for three meals for two people. it's not a bad price for three meals for two people and works out to just over £1.50 per meal.
Anyhow i scheduled a delivery date and lo behold it arrived prompt in the morning just as i stepped foot outside the house. After work i sat down to open the box of goodies (always happy to open parcels and post) and out came an ice pack and a 'wool rug' (to keep the goodies fresh) and an assortment of fresh organic fruit and vegetables, herbs, spices and grains. I was pleasantly surprised. Everything was in very good condition. Very cool/cold even though i had opened it several hours after receiving it.

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