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Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Gousto meals 1

I cooked it. The first meal from my Gousto box. I chose the 'Melty shroom burger' recipe card which took about 30-35 minuted from start to finish. Now, I am used to having prepared vegetables but i am not used to having it all measured out which definitely made the meal easier and quicker to cook as the salad was literally a 'bung it all in' type. The burger, i had my doubts about- there was no sauce to add inside or layers of cheese, hash brown etc. However when tasting this melted cheese and onion mushroom in a warmed up ciabatta bun it tastes very delicious! Even i was surprised. I thought it would be dry and bready but the cheese melted just right and the mushrooms were really juicy!
The salad was very different and i have kept the recipe card which is proof that i did love it. It consisted of tomatoes/ onions/ capers and basil. The side serving was baked mini potatoes, waxy on the inside and crisp on the outside. yummy!

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