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Sunday, 13 July 2014

Quick time quesadillas

Quick time quesadillas

Quesadillas are a quick time Mexican snack that can be rustled up fast and easy with leftover bits of cooked chicken. The original quesadilla contains just cheese melted in a tortilla wrap, however recipes are never left alone  (i am not the only one to blame either), and they are changed and adapted to each kitchen. When i cook, if there is a leftover piece of chicken then by all means i will use it. But most of the time i stick to the vegetarian option. I am going to type up a few varieties of my version of a non-authentic quesadilla. My version may just be the laziest one on the internet however the taste clearly opposes that notion.

serves two (as a starter) or one (as a meal)
you will need: a tava (a flat griddle/pancake pan) or a George Foreman grill or anything else which you prefer that crisps up the tortillas


two tortillas
1 tbsp garlic sauce
1 tbsp barbecue sauce
handful of cheese (whatever you prefer)
one spring onion sliced
one red chilli deseeded and sliced thin
half a sweet pepper (any colour)-chopped into small cubes
 half a tsp black pepper
1 tsp mixed dried herbs


1) Heat up your tava/griddle on a medium heat

2)On one tortilla squeeze some garlic sauce and on the other squeeze the bbq sauce  onto one side and spread. Leave aside.

3) Next in a bowl add in your cheese, chilli, pepper, spring onion and sweetcorn (remember you can opt for more or less depending on what you prefer), black pepper and mixed dried herbs. Give it a stir.

4) Now this part you may want to make sure everything is prepared so you can quickly put it all together. Place one tortilla on your tava, sauce side up and sprinkle your cheese mixture evenly around it all. Then slowly lay the other tortilla sauce side down onto the mixture and press gently.

5) Let this cook for approx two minutes on one side or until the underside looks brown and the cheese has melted inside. Then slowly turn the tortilla on the other side so it can crispen up on both sides. Once everything has kind of 'jammed' together and looks golden brown on a few areas, slowly slide it off and using a pizza cutter, slice into four pieces. Serve warm with a salad of your choice .


As i mentioned before there are many variations to making a queasadilla. For this reason i am going to jot down some other variations too. All of these extra ingredients can all be added to the bowl with the cheese.

Chicken: add in some shredded cooked chicken (leftovers) or cook half a chicken breast with salt, pepper, lemon juice and peri peri powder . Let this cool and shred up before adding in.
Salaami/polony: add in cooked slices of this to your cheese mixture. This gives it an ultra scrummy taste.
Cheese and onion: If you don't have the time to chop up vegetables then a simple cheese and spring onion one tastes very good (esp with a cup of tea)
Cheese: if its just cheese you prefer, why not try mixing some cheese up. Use a mix of cheddar, mozarella and red leicester cheese.
Spiced up: if you like it spicy add in green chillies and cheese only. Or sprinkle in some smoked paprika for a smoky taste?
Pizza: Probably the most famous one for children is the pizza quesadilla. this is one tortilla wrap smothered in pizza sauce and topped with round slices of mozarella cheese and fresh basil scattered on one half. Fold in half and cook the same way.

EXTRAS: If you prefer other ingredients give these a try:
                  olives, feta cheese, spinach, cooked mince meat, tomato slices , avocado

As you can see there are simply many varieties and extras you may add in to adjust it to your taste. If you know a combination which you think is a winner, let me know, i love trying out new flavours!
 happy snacking.x

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